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When you join the ACCP you instantly join a large community of compliance peers with experience and expertise in the and financial services industry who are all working towards a common goal of regulatory compliance and operational compliance risk management.

ACCP membership provides you with the opportunity to increase your skills and form strategic and lasting networking opportunities. With membership you will also:

  • Be invited to regular, structured, ACCP member-only meetings where you can candidly participate in open discussions regarding current compliance and regulatory matters.
  • Gain access to ACCP member-only online content including best practices documents, ACCP comment letters, and a collection of compliance resources.
  • Be invited to exclusive, ACCP member-only events where you have access to dynamic and informative speakers, which may include top litigators in the securities sector, or special appearances by governing regulatory bodies.
  •  Gain access to exclusive, member-only discounts to industry-related training courses, educational organizations, and other partners.

The information contained on the Association of Canadian Compliance Professionals (“ACCP”) website is for general information purposes only and is the opinion of the writer(s). This information is not intended to provide specific personalized advice including, without limitation, investment, financial, legal, accounting or tax advice. We strongly recommend that you seek appropriate, qualified professional advice before acting or omitting to act based on any information provided on the ACCP website.



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